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Greeting cards for birthdays, romance, friendship, Valentine's day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas, New Years Eve, and any holiday. Love is universal,
you can love in friendship, love in kindness, love in sharing or be have romantic love. Love is always affectionate & love is free.

Greeting cards are a thoughtful and easy way to express love, whether you wish someone a happy birthday, to say I love you,
I miss you, to have a great day, these love letters will lift their spirits with something joyful, motivational, or funny.

Free Love Greeting Cards

Free Love Cards For All Occasions

Love comes in many forms, you can spread love, express love, show love, develop love, experience love, increase love, feel love and give love in many ways. Love waits, calms, soothes, heals, comforts, encourages, accepts, romances, cares, and protects, love thinks about others. How does love think? Have you ever actually seen love thinking? Have you ever seen the wind blowing? You may see the movement of leaves and the uprooting of trees, and you may feel the wind blowing against you, but the wind itself is not visible. You may feel love and see the outcomes of love, or hear about the thoughts of people thinking out of love, but you can not physically see love anymore than you can see the wind blowing. And yet, we all believe in love. Read the full article >>

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